The Guild's vision is to provide financial support, advocacy, community engagement and support to staff, in order that all families will receive quality care with dignity and respect.  


This will be done by fundraising to ensure essentials for families are always available and volunteering to support the community and staff. 


Upcoming Events


The number one need right now is making sure that families have the basic essentials to live day to day. These items will be stored in the "Pantry/Resource Room" so that staff can have it on hand in emergencies. Please take a look at the Amazon wish list that was created by frontline staff.  These items will go directly to OBCC. 

*Please send a note with your name on it so they know where it came from.  Anything will be so appreciated.

You can also press the donate button at the top of the website page.  All funds will go directly to the Friends of OBCC. 

*book drive in the future

*more Othello tours

*spring fundraiser

*volunteers needed to help with the move to Othello

Please contact us if you would like to join our Guild and be a part of supporting the families and staff at OBCC and Othello Clinics.



                                                                      PAST EVENTS

                                             *Fundraiser at the African American Museum-2018-2019

                                      *Online Event in 2020

                                      *Helping organize the annual Staff Appreciation Event-2021

                                      *Organizing  Othello Tours -2021

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