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       Odessa Brown


    Dr. Blanche Lavizzo


Ms. Elizabeth R. Thomas

Started in 2017 by Micki Flowers, Cynthia Huffman and Dr. Ben Danielson, the Friends of OBCC Guild was built on the foundation of the three women who stood strong in their conviction to bring quality health care to all people with dignity, and respect, no matter their ability to pay.

Odessa Brown (1920-1969)

Activist advocating for the health of Black Children in Seattle's Central District Neighborhood.

In the late 60's, early 70's, a government Model Cities Program was formed to reduce social and economical disadvantages in designated neighborhoods.  Odessa Brown's mission, and success, was to open a childrens health clinic in the heart of the Central District, now known as the Odessa Brown Childrens Clinic.

Dr. Blanche Sellers Lavizzo (1925-1984)

Dr. Blanche Lavizzo was the first African American woman pediatrician in the state of Washington.

She was the first medical Director at OBCC.

In her position as medical Director, she became the mainstay of health care for children in the Central Area and it was she who gave the clinic its motto "Quality care with dignity."

A colleague commented that she placed her mark on the way the clinic was run, from the way the staff answered the phone to seeing the chairs in the waiting room were comfortable.

She served on many Seattle non-profit boards, on a mission to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized.

Ms. Elizabeth R. Thomas (1934-2011)

"Never give up the struggle, even when the going gets tough."

For 25 years, Ms. Elizabeth R. Thomas served as a respected and tireless advocate for social justice, committed to the well being of all children and families.

In 1975, she was the first African American to complete the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Washington School of Nursing. 

Her strong voice and talent for building partnerships led to the development of the WA Baby Buckle Seat Program, WA Immunization Law for Children and parenting program that provides positive parenting skills to families in the court system. 


Leadership Team for 2021-2022:

Sherrelle Walker         President

Kendy Sasaki-Ross     VP/Communications

Mary Pat Iaci              Treasurer

Mebie Thompson        Membership

*Please welcome Tina Smith and Tiffani Lambie to the leadership team.  

"Welcome to the Friends of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Guild. Odessa Brown’s dream of providing quality healthcare with dignity is the work of the Clinic since it's inception and they have given excellent care to our families and children with a culturally relevant context. We provide support to the Clinic through fundraising, volunteering, and acknowledging the work of the Clinic through various activities. Looking toward the future, we are excited to increase our support to the new Odessa Brown Clinic in the Othello area as well as ongoing support of the Clinic in the Central District of Seattle. Please join us as we help the staff to continue this great work benefiting our community."

Sherrelle Walker

Guild President

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